About us

Tmall Introduction

Small or Tmall.co.za is an English-language e-commerce website based on an
B to B and B to C online marketplace model allowing individuals and businesses to trade with each other.

Transactions on Bizwallet are in South African Rands. You are welcome to open your own store on Tmall.

Shopping tips 

  1. Install the Bizwallet as a shopping tool with Tmall, visit
    www.bizassistsp.co.za for app installation
    ( select your app Android or ISO model, and scan the QR code for quick instalment)
  2. Then you can enjoy your shopping just use your mobile number or
    Bizwallet reference to pay your cart

NB !! All Customers are under protection with our 14 days payment control, All vendors are under 14 days payment control if you are not happy about your purchasing just give us a call, and our on line consultants will assist you to solve the problems and complaints

Registration steps for Tmall

  1. Registration a Bizwallet for payment tool, send your ID or passport copy to liuda_2004@msn.com for profile updating
  2. Register you vendor on Tmall by click "Join us as a vendor"
  3. Complete the BIzwallet declaration form
  4. Log in with Tmall confirmation Email
  5. Start your trading . Good luck for everything